Malaria Assassins Rules

Welcome to Malaria Assassins, the nationwide campus game of assassins to raise engagement with the challenge of malaria.

To Play:

If you've signed up, you can login anytime with your Facebook information through the website

Game Play:

Each player will be assigned a target at the start of the game (date to be determined by your game administrator). A player must eliminate his or her target by any of the allowed methods (see "The Tag") and report the hit on the website. You will be given the name of your target, but not the name of the assassin out to get you. Upon reporting the tag of your target on the website, you will be assigned a new target.

Safe Zones:

The safe zones where tags can not take place will vary campus to campus and community to community based on what makes sense and what the game administrator/specific community decides.

Common safe zones are class, library, formal/official events and inside the target’s room. However, as mentioned before, this is up to the discretion of the game administrator/specific community.


To stun the assassin who is out to get you, score a tag against the assassin (see "The Tag"). A stunned assassin cannot try to tag you for an hour.

The Tag:

The default tag is a poke in the back, except for the methods in these houses:

- Lowell will carry out tags by tossing tea bags at each other's backs because Lowell plays "Tea Tag"

- Winthrop carries out tags with squirt guns

- Dunster carries out tags with moose stickers

- Adams carries out tags with sticky notes to the back

- Cabot carries out tags by drawing on the target's arm with ***washable*** (not permanent!!) marker

- Currier carries out tags by tagging the target with a rubber duck and saying "quack"

After The Tag:

It is the tagger's responsibility to report it to If the victim wishes to contest the tag, (because they believe they were not actually tagged according to game rules), they should email within 6 hours of the tag occurring. Note that saying you tagged your target when this is not in fact the case is not looked favorably upon, and may result in repercussions. Ambiguous tags or "ties" go to the assassin, since they managed to get that far in the first place.

About These Rules:

Check your email and this site periodically throughout the game. If there are any changes to these rules, you will be notified.

Have a bug? Email:

Who we are

Malaria Assassins is the winner of the 2015 Harvard Malaria Competition, sponsored by Harvard University’s Defeating Malaria Initiative and Malaria No More. This $10,000 student competition is also supported by The UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Health in Agenda 2013 and for Malaria and for Malaria, Ray Chambers.

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